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FX 3180 CupMaster / Water Vapor Transmission 自動透濕試驗機
  • FX 3180 CupMaster / Water Vapor Transmission 自動透濕試驗機

    The moisture permeability analyzer measures the water vapor transmission rate according to the gravimetric method, which is fully automatic and can measure up to 15 samples at the same time.

    • Features:

      • According to the moisture absorption method and evaporation method required by the standard, different test environments can be set for the positive cup or the reverse cup, which can meet the standard requirements for intermittent measurement
      • The system automatically resets to zero before each measurement to eliminate human error and ensure the unity and accuracy of data
      • The test is fully automatic and can be controlled remotely
      • Accurate and independent environmental control, the instrument can be operated by a single machine
      • Self-calibration for weight
      • Prevent condensation
      • Breathable cup with quick clamp ring
    • 符合標準:

      ASTM D1653 / E 96, 

      BS 3424-34,                 

      DIN 53122,

      EN 1931,

      GB 1037 / T 12704, 

      ISO 2528 / 12572,

      JIS L 1099-A / Z 0208

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