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Water Vapour Permeability STM 473

Water Vapour Permeability STM 473

This equipment is used to measure the amount of steam released by a material through its tissue structure within a specified time.

  • Features

    • This test is mainly applicable to leather and fabric materials, and can measure the ability of these materials to absorb sweat on the wearer’s skin surface
    • There are six sample racks in the instrument. The desiccant is placed in the sample rack, and the test material is placed behind the sample rack and fixed with a screw cap. After the sample rack is weighed, the desiccant and sample materials are filled, and the sample rack is placed and rotated Within the structure. After 7-8 hours, weigh the entire sample rack again, the increased amount is the moisture permeability
    • The entire operation must be carried out in an air-conditioned environment at 20 and 65% relative humidity
  • 產品特點

    BS 3144

    DIN 53333

    EN ISO 20344

    IUP 15

    SATRA TM172

    SLP 25

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