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Waterfall Sample Machine FB Waterfall Sample Applicator

Waterfall Sample Machine FB Waterfall Sample Applicator

Efficient and professional semi-automatic pasting machine of "waterfall" type sample series. Electronic coil feeding system using digital control function.

  • Standards compliant

    • Semi-automatic mounting machine for the sample series of cloth samples and color cards
    • Overlapping folded samples ( double layer )
    • Stepped single-layer and double-layer samples
    • Simple setting system, touch screen and dedicated software can easily calculate different sample spacing
    • 99 different sample designs can be saved
    • The electronic feeding system can accurately control the sample spacing and improve the quality of the sample card
    • With convenient and fast operation settings, the efficiency of sample card production has been improved
    • Suitable for various materials including velvet, home textiles, wallpaper, paper products, leather, artificial leather, and textiles with paper backing
    • Can be arranged in any order, even mixed light fabrics and heavy fabrics

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