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YIS 200 Yarn Inspection System
  • YIS 200 Yarn Inspection System

    YIS 200 uses the principle of image detection and optical technology , and uses the fastest contour scanning technology to analyze the measured original signals.

    YIS 200 can monitor all important yarn parameters such as net number, denier, uniformity, wool, tufts, yarn defects, yarn breakage, etc., and record the location of all defects and the number of meters. Providing information online quality data analysis, to grasp the production process. YIS 200 can also be matched with the winding device to become the YIS 200 LAB for laboratory use.

    • Technical specifications

      • Measurement content: network number, denier, uniformity, wool yarn, wool yarn group, yarn defect, yarn breakage
      • Fineness: 10-10000 den, resolution: 0.1 den
      • Diameter: 10-4000 µm, resolution: 1 µm
      • Standard statistical values: average pitch diameter, average pitch, number of pitches/m, minimum and maximum pitch, minimum, maximum, average, CV value
      • Yarn break: minimum 1 denier difference, standard statistical value, stored in the hard disk as an image, BF calculator to distinguish the left and right borders of the yarn
      • Thick sections / fluff: the detected defects are stored in the hard disk in the form of images
      • Test speed: 20-8000 m/min
      • Network: Number of networks: 0-300 nodes / min, resolution: 0.1 nodes / min
      • Sampling rate: 68000 points / s (68 kHZ)
      • Test results: all test results can be stored in a file or database

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