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Goin group and Lenzing Instruments success hold the exhibition ITMA Barcelona 2019

As the sole agent in Taiwan, China and Veitnam of Lenzing Instruments, we success hold the exhibition ITMA Barcelona 2019 on June.

We proudly present the best fiber instrument: VP 500 Vibroskop-Titer Tester, VN 500 Vibrodyn-Tensile Tester and ALFA 500 Automatic Finish Analyzer which are the standard of rayon test and sold more then thousand set.

TST 510/250 Thermal Shrinkage Tester, RAPID 600V Vertical Automatic Pin Interlace Detector and DTI 600 Draw Tension Instrument are the most popular instrument with excellent quality.

Never can be forgotten, LISTER AC Liquid Strike Through Time, WETBACK Rewet Properties and RUNOFF Run-Off Tester catch every visitor's eye, there are all approved by EDANA/INDA, WSP standard.

For the advantage technology, online monitor is important, Lenzing develop and present PROMPT OLO Optical Yarn Sensor, ELKOMETER 200 Yarn Defects Detection (for laboratory) and DEFECT VIEW Yarn Defects Visualization (sensor with camera)

We wish all visitor enjoy our introduce and has the impressive image for our product!

在這當中,纖維細度與強度儀(VPN 500)獲得客戶的認同,當場成交! 奧地利蘭精儀器(Lenzing Instruments)總經理Mr. Markus Myra表示” 高逸與全逸團隊深耕市場多年,從這次的展會,也是有史以來最多訪客,最熱情的一次,可以瞭解到,透過他們的推廣與服務,我們的產品能夠有更好的發揮。 ”每四年一次的ITMA紡織機械展,奧地利蘭精儀器(Lenzing Instruments)和高逸、全逸團隊已參與超過八屆,代理蘭精儀器超過了35年,累積了豐富的經驗與口碑,我們對於未來,充滿信心!


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