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Mr. Jet S. H. Kao, the founder of Goin Group, and Mr. Hank I. W. Kao visit Testfabrics Inc.

GoinGroup has cooperated with Testfabrics Inc. of the United States for more than 30 years. This trip was personally visited by the founder of the group, Mr. Jet S. H. Kao, and the vice general manager, Mr. Hank I. W. Kao. Technical and business talks with Testfabrics General Manager Mr. Thomas A. Klaas, Technical Director Mr. M. Abid Hafeez and Business Director Mr. Jeremy Klaas.

Mr. Thomas A. Klaas said that he is very grateful to Goin Internation Group for having such impressive achievements in its region, and looks forward to more 30-year cooperation in the future, we can not do it without you!

Mr. Jet. S. H. Kao, the founder of the group, said that GoinGroup is based on the purpose of giving priority to service, and hopes to bring a win-win situation to the original factory and customers. He also thanks Testfabrics Inc. for its full support and trust all the time.


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