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Product Launch: PVC Sensor Film (for testing to BS EN ISO Standard 9185:2007)

Updated: May 27, 2022

SDCE has introduced PVC Sensor Film into its extensive offer of consumables, widening its industry appeal to the protective clothing sector. The sensor film – which is an essential consumable for testing to BS EN ISO Standard 9185:2007 – will enable testing professionals to assess the resistance of their materials to molten metal splash in line with international safety standards.

PVC Sensor Film acts as a skin simulant, sitting underneath the testing sample during an application of molten metal. The resulting damage to the PVC mimics the potential damage to human skin, providing a vital insight for the niche protective clothing sector into the effectiveness of their protective materials.

The launch comes after SDCE was approached by industry professionals seeking a new supplier for PVC film. Recognising the synergy between the skin simulant and its existing range of testing consumables, the industry’s leading supplier of textile testing consumables was well-placed to fulfil industry demand for the product. The move into safety and protective textile testing does however represent a diversification for SDCE, whose existing consumables focus primarily on the quality control of textiles through physical, colour fastness and light fastness test procedures.


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