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UltraView, The all-new Industry leading tuneable LED Technology by VeriVide.

The dawning of a new era in visual colour assessment with a game changing all-LED light booth, for a greater level of control and repeatability across your global supply chain.

As the UltraView light booth is tuneable it gives brands the benefit of being able to update their point of sale as their stores change, meaning light booths in the supply chain only need re-programming instead of being replaced.

Multi brand and Retailer light sources in one colour assessment light booth.

Suppliers to brands and retailers historically had to purchase multiple light cabinets to cover different retailer lighting needs. However, this is no longer the case, due to the developments in technology, suppliers can now purchase one UltraView and have all their different principle point of sale light sources pre-programmed.

Configured with all-LED tunable calibrated light sources as standard: CIE D65, CIE D50, L40-8, L35-8, L30-8, L31-9, CIE illuminant A, UV

Surpasses all major standards for visual evaluation, including ASTM, AATCC, BSI, DIN, SAE and ISO.


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